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Conselis Advice

For update your Conselis Advice page,access on conselis menu if you want to update for your main site with english lang, for local lang or france language, you can access on Conselis france menu.

Header Area

Conselis Advice

Insert your title and description and upload cover image on this area.

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Conselis Advice

Your header page output.

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Conselis Advice

Scroll on intro area, and you can insert intro title and text information here.

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Conselis Advice

Your intro section output.

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Section Advice

Now you can access on section area, and insert title information and upload image about section area here.

Section List

Section Conselis Advice

Access on section list, then update your section list, for create new you can click add section list button.

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Section Conselis Advice

The output display for your section area.

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Article Advice

Access on article area , and update your article information on this area. insert title and upload your cover image.

Content article


For write content , you can access on content menu, and write your article in here.

Article Ouput


Output for article content area.

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Output for full conselis advice area.